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EstimeDeSoi.ca is an online casino gambling portal comprised of committed and responsible group of people focused to provide the best and most accurate information regarding the online casino industry generally. We have several years of experience in the business and we’ve decided to do our best and provide the most detailed information regarding online casinos, games, software, bonuses and so forth. On our website, you can read in-depth reviews of online casinos, games and bonuses, cellular and live dealer casinos, banking alternatives, casino software, news and far more. Our reviews are broken down into highly detailed information about particular aspects of online casino gambling.

How We Review and Rate Casinos and Games

The most often asked question we’ve obtained is the way we rate and review online casinos and games. To put you at ease, we’ve conducted pretty pricey and in-depth research and analysis of all of the online casino websites listed on EstimeDeSoi.ca. Our systems give visitors and us unique and in-depth review information on every casino and game. As a result of our long- term experience in the online casino industry and our gifted review staff, we can spot the best online casino sites and provide you sufficient information to make the best decisions.

Suggestions, Issues & Enquiries

EstimeDeSoi.ca always strives to improve the site and the content inside. Consequently, if you have any suggestions or just want to provide your feedback, please get in touch through our Contact Us form on the website. You may also find us and send comments on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Moreover, we welcome all of your questions whatever the nature of the query in addition to comments and concerns. Don’t be afraid to reach us anytime. We’d love to hear from you.

Problem Gambling

Problem Gambling is the behavior of a gambling addict that wishes to gamble compulsively which causes disturbance in the emotional, physical and/or social places. This person is preoccupied with gambling and gambling despite the negative consequences.

EstimeDeSoi.ca isn’t a gambling website or online casino. We’ve got no idea whether a visitor has a gambling problem or not, thus, if you have a problem with compulsive gambling or know someone that has, we suggest reading more on our Responsible Gambling page. On this page, you can read advice on how best to be a responsible gambler and check the links to problem gambling associations.