Apps That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Time is fast becoming the most valuable currency in the digitally connected, fast-paced world we live in today. Nearly everyone seeks new ways to increase productivity so they can work and live smarter.

Digital innovation has led to a flurry of apps for smartphones on the market that simplify our daily lives. Why not make the most of technology?

Here are my top favorite apps that you should be downloading today, in addition to trusty favorites like WhatsApp and Uber.

1. Wanderlust
Are you having trouble keeping track of your to-do list? It’s easy to lose track of all your tasks. Wanderlust is the answer to all this chaos. It makes it easy to keep track of all your professional and personal to-dos from one app. You can set reminders and due dates so that you don’t miss a deadline. You can streamline your life even further by sync your Wunderlist account across all of your digital devices. This will allow you to access and track your to-dos wherever you are.

2. Pocket
Do you not hate it when you find an interesting article on your smartphone but you don’t have the time to read it because you are waiting to catch the bus? Pocket makes it easy to save articles and videos from the web. You can save any videos or articles from the internet for later use. The content saved to Pocket is instantly accessible from any device, no matter if it’s a phone, tablet, or computer. What’s the best part? The best part? You can access the saved content offline – a great option for boring flights without inflight entertainment, or for your daily commute when data usage is low.

3. Calm
Meditation is a fad right now if you haven’t heard. It’s easy to see why meditation classes are selling out fast. Calm is an easy-to-use mindfulness meditation app. It’s great for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to attending a class. You can instill some calmness in your daily life with the variety of background sounds available – such as soothing mountain lakes, quiet clouds, and sunset beaches.

4. Airtasker
Let’s face facts. Nobody wants to spend weekends doing household chores such as cleaning, vacuuming, and gardening. Good news: You don’t have. Outsourcing is becoming a popular trend. With online marketplaces and apps such as Airtasker, it’s now possible to outsource just by clicking a button. Are you hungry at night, but can’t find the time to eat? You can outsource the task and have someone deliver your favorite meals. You can also delegate mundane tasks to someone to help you with your life.

5. Google Translate
Avoid awkward situations where you are in foreign restaurants and can’t order from the English menu. Google Translate allows you to instantly translate text from your camera into 26 languages. You can also use the two-way automatic speech translator in 40 languages. Do you want to find out what the street sign is? It’s easy – just snap a picture and you’ll know the answer. Travelling has never been simpler with a personal translator by your side.

6. Camera +
Camera + will help you pretend to be a professional photographer. Camera + is packed with many useful features, including image editing and miracle’ filters. Just one tap will transform your photos and you’ll see the compliments and likes pour in. The interface is extremely easy to use. You may even find yourself tempted to take every photo you take to filter.