Proven Tips to Get More Social Media Followers

Do you want to build a following on social media that is beneficial for your business or yourself? These are the nine key strategies to help you gain real followers.

Let’s face it, we all do. Although we may all claim that we don’t care how many followers we have on social media, we all do.

You know as a digital marketer that a large number of followers is not a guarantee of a social media platform’s value. However, having many followers is not a guarantee of a social media account’s worth.

People do take into account your number of followers, regardless of whether they are following you or not. You can also increase your influence and reach if you have more followers (as long as they are relevant to your business).

There are many guides and posts online on how to grow your social media followers. So what is the difference?

1. Follow Relevant, Legitimate Accounts
You must be a good follower to get followed. Following real people and businesses relevant to your business is an essential first step in building your following. It also helps you to implement many of the other strategies listed here.

Sometimes, just doing this will result in you being followed back by these users. This is especially true if your profile has been filled out and you have a lot of relevant and valuable posts on your feed.

Furthermore, having active accounts within your business vertical is a great way to build a network of people that you can interact. This, as we’ll see, has many benefits for the following growth.

Some tools can help you locate such accounts, like Followerwonk and ManageFlitter. However, they tend to be Twitter-centric because Twitter has more open data than other networks. You can also hunt for the best people, which is often what you end up finding anyway.

2. Have something to show & share
You must have some “there” if you want to be followed. Your profile must have substance.

People who spend the time to review your profile before they follow you will be your best followers. They will want to see something they can follow.

Complete profile. Complete every field. Your bio should tell a story on most social media platforms. Inspire people to follow you. Twitter is limited space for bios, so make sure to use keywords you are interested in being found for.

A valuable feed. Your feed/timeline should always show recent-shared, useful content. You can be sure that your followers aren’t getting spam if they scroll down your feed.

3. Get Active and Engaged
While “be active, engaged” is the most important tip in any social media tip article, it is also crucial to build a community of valuable people.

Social media users have grown tired of linking feeds. It shows that you are not a bot by commenting and sharing the posts of others.

If possible, don’t just share someone else’s post. Instead, add a comment explaining why you’re sharing it and tag the original poster. When retweeting on Twitter, use the Quote option.

4. Post Opinions, Data, News & Trends

I have noticed that if I share something widely, I almost always gain new fans. Over the years, I have been paying attention to which social media posts get the most shares.

This guide is business-oriented so I won’t include memes or other silly content. However, they can certainly get a lot of reshares.

5. Post Often, but Appropriately
Social media’s most difficult truth is that you will be forgotten no matter how well-known you are.

It’s important to be present regularly, but not too much.

Although I don’t have a hard rule for posting frequency, I tend to post less often on networks where the newsfeeds are heavily controlled by algorithms (Facebook, Linked In), and more frequently on networks that allow me to post in real-time (Twitter).

I have observed over the years that the rate at which new followers are gaining is dependent on the frequency of my postings.

One last thing
These tips aren’t “hacks” and won’t blow up your social media following overnight.

These nine strategies will help you build a solid foundation for sustainable growth. These tactics will help you build a loyal following that will benefit your business.